An Anaconda Killed This Cow’s Newborn Calf, So She Got Her Revenge

In the Amazon, there are plenty of terrifying animals to deal with, including anacondas.

Recently, some farmers in Paraguay discovered that an enormous anaconda had killed the newborn calf of one of their cows. They went running, wrapping ropes around the anaconda to trap it and pull it away from the baby so it couldn’t be eaten. Despite their best efforts, the anaconda was strong and kept trying to open its mouth to swallow the calf whole.

Momma cow was standing right there the whole time, and she wasn’t having any of it. She was not going to let the snake eat her baby.

Some who watch the video say the workers were cruelly laughing, but they say it was out of complete shock and surprise at how high the cow jumped. You’ll see why in the video of the incident below.

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She did what any mom would do. Even though she couldn’t save her baby’s life, she still loved it dearly. Share this with anyone in your life who knows how powerful a mother’s love really is.

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