This New Proposal Trend Is So Dumb, It’ll Make You Scratch Your Head

Avocados. We Millennials love ’em.

Our collective love for the humble avocado is so well-known, in fact, that Gen Xers and Boomers have written think pieces about how avocado toast is what’s keeping us from buying homes, because crippling student debt and an economy that was blown up before we were even born could not possibly be to blame here.

Anyway, back to avocados. There are plenty of wacky proposal trends online. At this point, proposals are a form of attention-seeking performance art people share online for validation from strangers. Cute! The latest trend doesn’t come in the form of an overraught flash mob in the middle of Central Park, though. Oh no. It comes to us via avocado. Nothing makes sense and the rules don’t matter.

What would you do if you partner rolled up to your proposal and handed you an avocado with a ring inside? I, personally, would cut my losses and run, questioning what on God’s green earth I’d done to deserve such a thing. Some people, however, are totally into it because of course they are.


I mean, who needs ring boxes when you can make your incredibly expensive investment smelly AND dirty at the same time? I often rebuke the idea of older generations roasting us, but in this case, my generation has earned it. This avocado-based ridicule is totally fair.


Another fun thing I learned in the process of writing this is that a real company called Custom Avocados exists, and they’ll even print a message on your stupid proposal avocado. Amazing.


Look at this image of a real-life avocado proposal in action. I, a Milennial, feel like Caliban seeing its ugly reflection in the mirror. Why are we this way?

To each their own, I guess? Nah. This is crazy. Just eat your damn avocados. We have enough to worry about without having to reconsile this madness.

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