This New Hair-Cutting Technique Is Great If You Don’t Mind Accidental Beheadings

I’m always impressed by the cool new ways people come up with to cut hair, but there’s no way I’d try this guy’s scary method!

If you ever find yourself in Russia and feel like changing your look as far as hair goes, he’s definitely your man. Although he’s not a fan of the traditional scissors that most other hairstylists use, he can still give you a cute style…as long as you’re willing to risk your life for it.

His affinity for using an axe may not be as scary as cutting hair with fire, but it’s still slightly terrifying to think about what might happen if he ever misses his mark. Watch him in action below and just try not to cringe.

Sorry, but it needs to be said — only in Russia.

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Would you ever muster up the courage to try this crazy technique? For me, that answer would be a definite NOPE.Be sure to share this cringeworthy video if you prefer getting your hair cut with good old scissors.


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