Snorklers Capture Amazing Video When They Encounter A Baby Humpback Whale

Whales are some of the most amazing creatures on the planet.

With a just a few exceptions, they’re gentle giants who roam the seas reminding us just how small we are. Recently, a group of snorkelers off the coast of Costa Rica were swimming when they noticed a baby humpback whale approaching them.

They were excited, but they stayed calm and let the whale dictate their interaction. It splashed around a little bit and even let one diver touch its mouth. The experience was all captured on video, and the snorkelers described it as a “privilege.”

“We never saw the mother or the escorts but I can assure you that they were there close by and keeping an eye on that youngster. In all the twenty years that I have been diving in the Costa Rica Gulf of Papagayo I have never had this sort of experience before. I saw into the eye of a whale and he looked deep into my soul and I was blessed.”

That’s the moment of a lifetime. They’re sure to remember this playful encounter forever.

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