You’re About To Fall In Love With Bats After Seeing This One Eating Watermelon

Not many people are fond of bats. As irrational as it might be, I always think they are going to attack my hair or suck my blood — or both!

Bats get a bad rap, but in all reality, they’re not interested in humans. Take Australian fruit bats, for example, whose lives are all about hunting food — and by “hunting,” I mean chowing down on fruit and sucking the nectar out of flowers. What could be more innocent than that?

After seeing this video of a baby bat eating a chunk of watermelon in bed, I’ve totally fallen in love!

If you’re anything like me, you’re probably thinking about how awesome it would be to have pet bat right about now.

Here’s the thing, though — bats are wild animals, NOT pets. The star of the now-viral watermelon video, Sunday, was rescued by a kind human. He’ll only be living with her until he’s ready to be released and cruise the skies on his own.

As his foster mom explained, “Once they start flying at around 13 weeks of age, they cannot stay in a home. They travel over 50km a night, and it would be torture keeping them in a confined space.”

Until then, however, she’s enjoying every minute she can with this little cutie!

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If you ever see an injured bat, don’t pick it up. Alert animal control immediately, and keep your distance until they arrive. As adorable as they are, bats are prone to disease, and should only be handled by vaccinated wildlife caregivers.

To see more of Sunday, follow him and his pack of furry friends on Instagram. And don’t forget to share this story with your loved ones! It might just change the way they think about bats.

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