If I Saw What She Saw In Her Garage, I’d Be Screaming Too! This Is Nuts!

People living near bear-populated areas are often warned to watch out and keep their homes secure, but not many ever believe they’ll be the one these creatures decide to visit.

A woman from Colorado Springs, Colorado, probably never expected to come face to face with a bear, but on June 27, she found herself filming one from the driver’s seat that had broken into her home. She had left her home a short while earlier and pulled into the garage when she came back. To her horror, she realized that she wasn’t alone.

As soon as the garage door opened, a black bear made his way inside and headed straight for her refrigerator. As it turns out, this wasn’t his first time.


Colorado Parks and Wildlife is currently trying to capture the bear, who will unfortunately have to be euthanized. He’s believed to be the same bear that had stolen food earlier from a garage in the same neighborhood, thus making his presence a safety risk. Share if you would have been freaked out in this lady’s shoes.

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