This Stunning Two-Toned Kitty Is Pretty Enough To Make You Look Twice

Everyone, meet Narnia the two-toned chimera cat.

This unique kitty’s condition gets its name from the Greek legend of the chimera, which was a goat, snake, lion hybrid. This fearsome critter was known for breathing fire and just generally not being a welcome guest at any party.

Narnia, however, would be welcome just about anywhere. I mean, look at her precious little face! The tiny stunner was born on March 28, 2017 and it seems fitting that the out-of-this-world eccentric beauty shares a birthday with the queen of eccentric beauty herself: Lady Gaga.

Check out this precious video from when she was just a wee little nugget and prepare to melt.

Narnia lives in France because I mean, how much more fashionable can one get? She recently rose to fame when a notable photographer by the name of Jean-Michel Labat captured some amazing images of her.

Her breeder was stunned when the two-toned wonder came into the world. In her words, Narnia is “a real small miracle, blue and black (with locket).” Locket is referring to the little white tuft of hair on Narnia’s chest.

While the science behind why some animals express the chimera trait, we do know that a true chimera is actually a fusion of two separate cells that would have otherwise been born as twins.

She’s a real beaut, isn’t she?

To see more chimera cat cuteness, be sure to follow Ms. Narnia on Instagram!

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