They Were Demolishing A House And One Bad Move Sent The Wrong One Tumbling Down

I’m not going to claim to know anything about real estate, but I hear there are people out there who can afford to buy and sell houses.

And sometimes that involves starting from scratch. Real estate developers often buy locations in disrepair and fix them up in order to turn a profit and create a beautiful new home.

TD Development recently bought a home in Baltimore, Maryland. After determining that one of the brick walls of the house was completely unstable, they worked with city inspectors to determine that it should be demolished. This is a pretty routine occurrence for them, but they never could have anticipated how wrong it would go this time.

Watch this disaster unfold as the house next door gets a really terrible facelift.

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The owner of the house next door says they’re going to rebuild, but everyone involved seems pretty mortified by the situation. Share this to remind your friends that their day could always be worse!

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