Watch The Moment When A Diver, Tiny In Comparison, Saves A Gentle Giant

When two men were enjoying a dive off the coast of Indonesia, they noticed a whale shark struggling near the surface.

Those who don’t frequent ocean waters may have been frightened at first, as such a large animal might lead them to believe it could be dangerous. Despite their size, however, whale sharks are very docile, especially when it comes to humans. Fortunately, one of the divers knew this and didn’t hesitate to help the gentle giant.

The poor thing had fishing wire caught in its mouth, so the man took a pair of pliers and got to work on pulling it out. Watch him free the sea creature below.

Whale sharks are filter-feeders, meaning they keep their mouths open near the surface to collect plankton and fish to eat. This is probably what caused the issue in the first place, which could’ve ended up killing this one if not for the diver’s heroic efforts.

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