Adorable Dog Sees Her Owner ‘Drowning’ And Decides She Will Save The Day

It’s important to have a lifeguard on duty at the pool to make sure everyone has a good time and no one drowns.

Who says that lifeguard has to be human, though? An Arizona couple recently posted video of their dog, Bella, who is small but mighty when it comes to saving the day poolside.

It started when one of her owners was taking a dip and his wife noticed that any time he’d go under Bella would bark at the water, concerned that he was being hurt in some way. They decided to see how far she would go, and it’s totally amazing.

He decided to stay underwater for a few more seconds to see what Bella would do. It turns out she’s even more heroic than expected. Check it out!

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Awww! Even though she’s small, I have no doubt that she would try her best to save anyone in danger. Share this with the people you know who love their loyal doggos.

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