Extremely Good Dog Proves That He’s Gentle Enough To Hold An Egg Without Breaking It

The Internet has encouraged some pretty unusual topics of debate over the last decade or so, but none of them will leave you with egg on your face quite like this one.

It’s been widely discussed that golden retrievers are almost comically gentle pups. There have been countless viral videos that both support and debunk these claims, but one dog owner decided to put that to the test!

If goldens really are gentle fuzzy giants, they should be able to handle eggs without them breaking right? Well, Twitter user Haley Brown posted a video of her aunt’s pooch carrying an egg in its mouth and the answer appears to be yes! Keep watching until the end.

(via The Daily Dot)

With over 6 million views, it just goes to show that inquiring minds really want to know the truth. That is one seriously good doggo!

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