They Were Waiting In Line When A Stranger Approached And Tried To Do The Unthinkable

New moms don’t get a lot of “me time,” which is why small outings to the grocery store or a coffee shop are so important.

While this is usually a great way to bond with baby while also having some adult interactions, one mom got quite the scare recently when she visited a Philadelphia Dunkin’ Donuts. The mom was waiting in line when a man walked in the door and tried to do the unthinkable — take her baby.

Fortunately, other customers (including the baby’s father) saw what was happening in time to step in and push him away.

The whole terrifying incident was caught on surveillance footage, which police have released as they look for the suspect.

This is so, so scary. Thank goodness the mom and others were able to act quickly. Share this as a reminder that you can never be too vigilant!

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