If You’ve Ever Been Too Tired To Play With The Kids, These Hounds Know Your Struggle

Kids. Gotta love how cute they are, but if you ask any parent, they’re also just as exhausting.

Because they’re children, they just don’t understand the whole working 40 plus hours a week on top of everything else adults need to get done on a daily basis. All they sometimes see when they look at you is a potential playmate, no matter how tired you are. But this doesn’t just apply to humans, as these basset hounds would tell you if they could. While I’m sure they’ve had a blast playing with their feathered little friend before, they made it perfectly clear that they couldn’t be less interested in the funny video below.

Watch as an adorable baby emu literally pecks at the dogs to play with him. At least he got one of their tails wagging!

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That little cutie is lucky that his furry friends are obviously very patient pups. Share if you’ve ever felt the same way as these dogs when it comes to your kids.

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