In Florida, Police Officers Double As Gator Wrestlers. Just Ask This Guy.

When Officer Alfredo Vargas learned how to handle alligators at the Native Village in Hollywood, Florida, before becoming a cop, he probably didn’t think he’d ever actually have to do it on the job.

But when the Boynton Beach Police Department received a call on July 10 about a gator outside somebody’s front door, his knowledge came in handy and saved the gator’s life. Vargas called the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission when he got there, but they told him that it would take at least half an hour for a trapper to arrive and that the person would most likely kill the animal.

Vargas didn’t want the creature to die, so with the agency’s approval, he wrestled the gator into submission himself. Watch the brave man in action in the bodycam footage below.

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(via Fox News)

Thanks to Officer Vargas, the alligator was safely removed from the home and released in a canal a few miles away. I really have to commend him for taking a risk and choosing a more humane and compassionate route.

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