If Your Kids Complain About Wearing Helmets, Show Them This Shocking Video

For many cyclists, but specifically young cyclists, there’s this idea that horrific accidents couldn’t possibly happen to them.

I’ve seen it first hand with all the kids I babysit. While it’s all in good fun, they just hop on their bikes half the time and I have to chase them down with helmets. And I’m sure you’ve done that with your kids too, because things can go from fun to deadly in the blink of an eye.

Case in point this horrifying video of a teen who attempts to exit his driveway without wearing a helmet when he collides head on with a speeding car. This scary footage would scare anyone straight.

Upon impact the boy can be seen hitting the hood of the car before rolling off onto the ground.


(via Daily Mail)

While the aftermath of this video remains unknown, let this be a warning to all cyclists out there to always practice safe biking practices. ALWAYS wear a helmet.

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