As If The Hurricane Wasn’t Bad Enough, One Terrified Woman Turned And Saw This

As Hurricane Harvey made landfall over the weekend, the storm brought with it torrential rains and intense winds.

Affecting large portions of Texas and the Gulf Coast, Harvey is the first major hurricane to make landfall in the south since Hurricane Katrina. And as thousands of people try to salvage what’s left of their homes and belongings, one woman discovered something terrifying in her backyard.

Ahead of the storm, Texas residents were warned that unexpected objects may float through their neighborhoods. As Arlene Kelsch was looking out her window to survey the damage around her property, she noticed two alligators swimming around. One alligator chose to swim close to a nearby road, while the other can be seen floating just a few feet from the woman’s patio.

Despite all the mass panic in the surrounding neighborhoods, these alligators couldn’t be less bothered by Harvey’s havoc.

(Via Daily Mail)

That’s definitely something you don’t see every day. Our thoughts and prayers are with those effected by the massive storm. Here’s hoping that in just a few days time, all will be back to normal and Kelsch’s new friends are nowhere to be found.

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