She Was Not Pleased About Getting A New Brother, But Chocolate Fixed Everything

It can be super exciting for kids when they find out they’re getting a new sibling, but in this little girl’s case? Not so much.

Well, to be fair, she was happy about the new baby at first…until she found out that instead of having a sister, she’d be getting a brother instead. The two-year-old seriously got bent out of shape when family members broke the bad news. She was so upset, in fact, that there was only one thing that could possibly rectify the situation for her — chocolate, of course.

Watch this sassy toddler adorably lose it when she realizes all her dreams of having girl time went up in smoke. Also, don’t ever try to tell her that she likes blue!

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I’m pretty sure this is exactly how my older brother reacted when my parents told him I was a girl. Be sure to share this funny video with anyone you know who would get a laugh!

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