Hilarious Goose Sees Joggers And Gets Inspired To Join In On The Fitness Fun

If you’ve ever approached a group of geese at the park, you know that they can get really scary really fast.

On more than one occasion as a kid, I’d been chased by an angry, hissing goose that seemed to want nothing more than to tear me apart and drink my blood. I’ve been pretty wary of them ever since and always try to keep my distance, but if this cutie ever came up to me, I wouldn’t mind one bit.

A group of joggers from JP Fitness were running at a park in Cornwall, England, when a goose saw them from the water, swam over, and got out to join them. After completing a lap, the bird they nicknamed Graham got back in the water, but joined them again for two more laps. He even let the women pet him, too!

They thought he might be disoriented at first, but figured he must just like jogging because he kept up with them. Watch the feathered little guy getting his cardio on below.


Graham sure can move! I need to take a page out of his book and start hitting the pavement. Share if you wish all geese were this friendly!

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