What This Basketball Player Can Do Almost Defies The Laws Of Physics

In basketball, it’s not uncommon for the tallest players to get most of the court time, but at just 5ft 8in, North Carolina native Dexton Crutchfield is making waves on and off the court with his superhuman abilities.

The 20-year-old basketball player is becoming increasingly well-known for his abilities to jump large distances. In a collection of Crutchfield’s best feats, the Iowa Western Community College student can be seen jumping over cars, leapfrogging over a couple in the supermarket, and even jumping more than 23feet from sidewalk to sidewalk across the road.

While Crutchfield has never officially trained in jumping, once college starts in January, he’ll set out to accomplish his dream of obtaining the long jump world record.


(via Daily Mail)

I’m still waiting for the universe to bless me with a talent like this. Any day now would be great!

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