Kids Hilariously React To Music By AC/DC, Making Us All Feel Like Dinosaurs

I don’t want to make anyone feel old, but the reality is that the oldies station is probably playing some stuff you consider to be new.

Heck, even Britney Spears’ early work is starting to make its way onto the list. So when it comes to the rockers of the ’70s and ’80s, it’s safe to say that lots of kids these days won’t have any idea about bands we’ve considered to be influential.

Of course, there are always parents who pass down their music traditions, and when it comes to an influential band like AC/DC, some kids will have heard their most famous songs while out and about. Watching them react to hearing AC/DC for likely the first time, though, is bound to make you feel some kind of way.

You’ll be pleased to know the kids really like the music, noting a few times the skills of late guitarist Malcolm Young. Their reactions are totally worth watching in the video below.

Youtube / FBE

Well, it’s good to know the kids still have good taste. Parents, time to break out the old records and CDs and teach your kids about your favorite bands growing up!

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