Check Out The Hilarious Moment Little Girls Find Out Mom’s Going To Have A Baby

Announcing a pregnancy is often a happy occasion for expecting parents.

When there are other kids involved, there’s often the excitement of having a new sibling to care for. A new brother or sister also brings change, and sometimes that can make kids worry that their parents won’t have enough time for them or be able to share their love.

Usually it takes some time for these fears to sink in, but for one Rhode Island family, they were front and center immediately. Dad decided to film the moment he told his two little girls about the new addition, and boy did he get an earful.

They burst into tears, but Dad handled their worries like a champ. This is just too funny.

Now that’s the kind of embarrassing home video that’s perfect for pulling out when they start dating. At least they’ve got until January to get used to the idea.

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