A Lion Grabbed Her Baby On Live TV. What The Handler Told Mom To Do Sounds Insane.

After years of watching live TV go horribly wrong, you’d think by now producers would know better then to schedule animal segments on morning talk shows.

And unfortunately for one toddler, the unpredictability of a very hungry lion left her in the crosshairs. Nothing seemed out of the ordinary during the filming of “Con Sello de Mujer,” a Mexican morning program, as a young lion sat calmly on the floor while two trainers sat and talked to the show’s host. But between the cub and the presenter was a young mom with her small child sitting on her lap.

Things took a dangerous turn when the child began to whine, sending the lion into an aggressive panic. In the blink of an eye, the animal grabbed the baby in its mouth.

Incredibly, the trainer can be heard telling the mother to remain calm. While she only did so to ensure that the lion would not become more distressed, it’s still kind of shocking to hear someone speak so calmly as a baby is being dragged from her mother by an angry predator.

I’m really curious as to why producers thought seating a dangerous animal next to a baby was a good idea. Fortunately everyone is fine, but that situation could have gotten really ugly. Yikes.

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