Here’s The Weird Thing That Happens When You Invite 20,000 Bees To A Maternity Shoot

Bees are said to represent life and death.

That’s what Emily Mueller said when talking to about her bonkers pregnancy photoshoot that’s gone completely viral. Mueller and her husband, who are beekeepers who remove bee colonies from houses and operate a honey store, have three children and always wanted to have four. After suffering several miscarriages, Mueller is pregnant again, and they wanted to celebrate with some special pictures.

The concept? Well, let’s just say it’s getting some buzz.

Mueller posed with about 20,000 bees during a “swarm,” which is after they’ve eaten and they’re too bloated to sting. She held the queen bee in a cage to keep the swarm close.

Facebook / Kendrah Damis Photography

While most people are giving this concept a resounding “HELL NO,” Mueller is thrilled with the photos and the attention they’re receiving. She admits to being a little nervous during the shoot, but it all worked out as planned.

Facebook / Kendrah Damis Photography

You can even watch the scary moment her husband Ryan releases the bees onto her belly. Yikes!

Youtube /


To each their own, I guess! If you’re planning to copy this photoshoot, however, I think you’d best leave this one to the professionals.

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