This Little Girl Disappeared One Night…Then They Saw Her Carrying A Suitcase

On March 13, nine-year-old Elisa Salmeron vanished from her home in Gresham, Oregon.

The last time her family saw her, she had been taking out the trash that night.They reported her missing to the Gresham Police Department as soon as they realized she was gone and couldn’t find her.What’s strange is that not long after, she was seen on surveillance footage at a train station.

She was carrying a suitcase that her family says isn’t hers.They didn’t recognize the pair of young adults and child she was seen walking with, either.

They had reportedly helped Elisa buy a ticket to board the train, and then later got off at another stop.It isn’t known whether she went with them or stayed on the train.

Fortunately, police were able to locate her a few stops away on March 14 after receiving a tip from the public.Here’s her mom getting the good news.

It isn’t clear where else Elisa had been between Monday night and Tuesday or who the people accompanying her were, but one thing’s for sure — her mom is just grateful to have her home.

(via MommyPage and ABC News)

It’s really scary to think about how children can disappear in the span of only a few minutes, but luckily things ended well for this family. Be sure to share this story if you’re glad she was found unharmed!

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