Dachshund With A Decked Out Wheelchair Doesn’t Let Her Disability Get In Her Way

Dogs have proven themselves to be incredibly resilient in the face of adversity, especially in life-changing situations such as losing their limbs or the ability to use them — and this tiny pup is no exception.

Molly the nine-year-old dachshund may be paralyzed from the waist down, but she definitely doesn’t let it hold her back from doing what she loves. Back in 2015, the cutie from Ontario, Canada, lost the use of her hind legs, but she’s still zooming all over the place thanks to her sweet ride.

These days, Molly gets around in a custom wheelchair topped with an adorable pink pinwheel.


While other dogs are cowering in fear at the mention of a trip to the vet, this strong, independent pup is strutting all the way to the door.


Disability? What disability?


Oh, and she doesn’t just have wheels at her disposal. She has adorable skis for wintertime, too!


To be honest, her two siblings are probably a little jealous of how fabulous their sister is…


…but they love her all the same and make sure to show it.


And with that sass, it’s no surprise Molly has amassed quite a few fans. Work that camera, girl!


(via Fox 5 DC)

Isn’t she darling? You can find plenty more precious photos of Molly, her siblings, and her collection of stylish pinwheels on Instagram.

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