This Toilet Paper-Free Lifestyle Is Called Neo-Peasant Parenting. Yup, That’s Real.

For some people, thinking about the “good old days” means going way, way back.

People love the old fashioned lifestyle, but one group of people is taking it to a new extreme. Neo-peasant groups are communities of people who live off the land with their families, relying on hunting, fermenting, and farming for food. They reject modern conveniences in favor of a way of living that they say is totally fulfilling and self-sufficient (if not a little mind-boggling). Many of them go so far as to ban the use of things like toilet paper around the house!

Neo-peasants incorporate canning and fermenting into their everyday diets, and they use natural sources of heat like wood-burning stoves.

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They don’t shun all modern technology, but they do incorporate it sparingly. For instance, one family uses a solar-powered washer that they fill with rain water.

Being part of a community is a huge part of being in a neo-peasant family, especially regarding education. Multiple members of the community are involved in teaching children.

Kids who live in this lifestyle don’t watch television or eat any artificial sugar, eating only the foods grown and created by the community.

If you think neo-peasant parenting sounds like the right solution to fixing your fast-paced life, people who practice it recommend changing just a few things at a time.

If you want to learn more about this parenting trend, follow one family of enthusiastic neo-peasants at Artist as Family.

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I don’t know if I could even last a week, but it’s amazing that these parents managed to create such a low-waste lifestyle. Share this with other parents you know, and let us know how you feel about it in the comments below!

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