​New study reveals that nail-biting isn’t a nervous habit, but indicates this personality trait

When we stop to think of the reasons why we bite our nails (or why other people bite their nails), we usually think of them as being overly anxious people who cannot control their bad habit. Perhaps they have been medically diagnosed with a personality disorder or another form of mental illness.

However, perception does not always meet reality when it comes to matters of these nature. We are here to provide you with a much needed dose of facts. According to scientific study, there is much more to this seemingly disgusting habit than meets the eye and the reasons that they have found may surprise you.

While anxiety does drive a great deal of the chronic nail biting that takes place, did you know that there are further reasons for this phenomenon besides the need to soothe our nervous system? Thanks to a recent study from the good people at the Journal of Behavior Therapy and Experimental Psychiatry, we now know more than ever before on this matter.

Perfectionism is another common cause for nail biting, as many of the people who bite their nails do so as a means of evening out any inequalities in their clipping job.

The frustrations that lead to nail biting and the need for perfection can be brought on by any number of things, whether it is stress at school and work or a failure to accomplish their goals. A perfectionist has a “get up and go” type of personality and biting offers a form of relief from all of the things that they cannot control.

Do you have a close friend or family members who struggles with the concept of not biting their nails? If so, be sure to pass this incredible story along and offer them a bit of helpful information about their habit so that they can get to the bottom of their issues.

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