What She Has Family Do On Christmas Is Making People Furious, But She Has A Point

Who cooks holiday meals in your family? Have you ever thought about how much it costs them?

Cooking a large meal in general costs a bunch of money, but when you’re talking about providing food (and drinks!) for a large, extended family, the cost really starts to add up. Many say they do it anyway out of love, but for home cooks on a budget, this can be a major dent in their bank accounts.

One solution is to ask everyone to pitch in and bring a dish, but Gemma Andrews says she tried that and her family members would conveniently “forget.” She never would have thought of it on her own, but her in-laws suggested she start charging people per plate to mitigate the cost. People online are furious about the decision, but it seems to work for her family!

Gemma even delivers food to the family members who are working on Christmas, keeping her home open from morning til night, and always making sure everyone gets a present. At $40 per plate, that sounds like a deal to me!

Youtube / This Morning

What do you think? Would you ever charge your family members for a holiday meal, or is this totally insane? Sound off in the comments.

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