Woman Pays $100 For An iPhone, Gets A Box Of Potatoes Instead

Have you ever seen someone comment the phrase “this was recorded with a potato” on a YouTube video of poor quality? Well, I’m willing to bet that’s what this Black Friday scammer had in mind when he set out to give total strangers the “deal of a lifetime” while selling electronics out of the back of his black van.

Unfortunately for one Wisconsin woman, she fell for the man’s Black Friday sales and decided to purchase an iPhone 6 from him. After asking the man to see the phone and have him call it to ensure it worked, she was sold on the $100 deal. Unfortunately, when she wasn’t looking, the man performed a switch-a-roo before handing over the phone.

Excited to come home and play with her “new phone” the woman was quickly disappointed when she discovered that instead of an iPhone she paid money for 11 slices of potato and an Android charger.

(via FMyLife)

I know I should be more sympathetic about this entire situation, but I seriously can’t stop laughing. Waiting in line at your local Wal-Mart or Target doesn’t seem like such a bad idea now, does it?

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