This Baby May Be Deaf, But She Can Chat With Grandma All Day Long!

No matter what kind of relationship you’re talking about, communication is key.

But it’s easy to forget that what comes naturally for us could be totally isolating for people who have problems communicating. For someone who is deaf, normal conversation can be incredibly difficult unless they’ve learned to read lips since not many people know sign language.

Thanks to the teachings of this helpful grandma, no matter how difficult communication becomes for her small granddaughter, she’ll always have someone to confide in and talk to when times get tough. As the precious woman signs to her young grandchild, you can’t help but notice the smile on the girl’s face. She may be too little to really know what’s going on, but the level of engagement is undeniable!

I have a feeling this precious baby is going to grow up to be quite the Chatty Cathy, just like her adorable grandmother!

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It’s precious moments like these that have a special place in my heart. Share this interaction to remind your friends and family to embrace difference with open arms.

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