Think Your Thanksgiving Was Awful? At Least You Didn’t Have To Deal With This Guy

As if Thanksgiving wasn’t already stressful enough, the last thing you need are these practical jokers coming to town and wreaking havoc.

The cast and crew of Canada’s “Just for Laughs: Gags” took to the local supermarket and shopping center to cause a bit of mischief just before the holidays. Their first stop was the meat counter at the grocery store, where their sickly employee gave customers a fresh cut of meat covered in the finest sneezes. And when that wasn’t enough, many unsuspecting patrons were made the “butt” of their jokes during a blindfolded turkey rub.

Watching this video is a surefire way to feel better about your own holiday mishaps.

It always amazes me how the people featured on these types of shows always maintain their cool when dealing with these outrageous situations. I guarantee that if I were put in any of these situations, I would have told a few people off.

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