Hilarious Teen Is Convinced Her Tongue Was Cut Off Following Oral Surgery

In the mind of this delirious post-op patient, her mother’s to blame for her current fictional ailments.

Thirteen-year-old Katelyn Kelly was riding home from her wisdom teeth extraction surgery when she made the erroneous discovery that her tongue had been cut off and all that remained was a small piece of tissue. In her post-anesthesia rant, Katelyn blames her mother for allowing such a major accident to happen, at one point exclaiming, “I’m gonna sue you!”

But the tip of the iceberg for Katelyn was when she put two and two together,realizing that she’d never be able to eat again due to her tongue removal.


(via Daily Mail)

Not gonna lie, I’d get that emotional about never eating again, too! This is too good for words, and I can’t stop laughing when I hit replay.

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