Someone Collapsed On The Train Tracks. Then This Brave Man Did Something Amazing!

For Con Edison worker Jonathan Kulig, the work day didn’t end when his shift was over.

Just moments before Manhattan’s L train came roaring into the the 3rd Avenue station, a young man fell onto the tracks. As a crowd of onlookers gathered, Kulig, who had seen the ordeal unfold from the other side of the subway, jumped onto the tracks and raced across, risking his own life to pick up the victim and get him to safety.

Bystander Parker Van Degraas caught the entire ordeal on cell phone video. They made it with just seconds to spare!

When medics arrived on the scene, they rushed the victim to a nearby Healthplex to address minor injuries. Many are calling Kulig a hero, but he insists that he was just doing what he had to do.

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While he might not consider himself a hero, there’s no denying that without Kulig’s help, this incident would have had a tragic ending. Share Kulig’s act of bravery to show that you don’t need to wear a cape to be heroic!

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