When This Girl Hops On Her Pony For A Ride, Another Four-Legged Buddy Joins Them

Horseback riding isn’t just a leisurely activity for humans anymore.

As this video shows, Dude, a lovable black cat wants to join his owner as she prepares to gallop through the snowy terrain on her 28-year-old miniature horse, Gallant. As the two prepare to take off, Dude quickly jumps onto the saddle and prepares for the ride of his life.

As Gallant is still relatively new to the family, the woman hopes to be able to teach her horse to jump and barrel race in the coming months. We can only guess that Dude will be along for the ride.

As someone that always wanted a pony when I was growing up, I incredibly jealous of Dude and his new friend Gallant. I guess I’ll have to stick to the coin-operated ponies for now!

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