On Today’s Episode Of ‘Dumb Ways To Risk Our Lives,’ We Have This Guy’s Nonsense

If you’ve ever had the strange fear of being locked inside a washing machine, the stunt this guy pulled off will definitely make you cringe.

Rick Maisel is an escape artist who calls himself the “Washing Machine Man” because according to him, he’s the only person who can successfully free himself from handcuffs and leg irons from inside a running washer. While it sounds like a seriously stupid and dangerous thing to try, he definitely put his money where his mouth is when he squeezed himself inside one with his arms and legs shackled together. You really have to see it to believe it.

Just imagine what would happen if nobody was there to open that door.


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Well, that’s definitely going on the list of things I’ll never try.Be sure to share this crazy stunt with others if you’re impressed by what he can do!

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