Watching This Guy Make The World’s Smallest Coffee Is A Weirdly Calming Experience

Nowadays, it seems like you can get the artisanal version of anything.

Whether it’s hand-crafted fruit roll-ups or knives sharpened on volcano stones, pretty much anything you can dream up you can find — for a price. One man named Lucas Zanotto decided he wanted to take on a handmade challenge himself, and the results are pretty calming to watch.

He starts by grinding down a single coffee bean. That’s definitely not going to make a full cup of coffee, though, right? But keep watching.

It will definitely do the trick if you’re creating the world’s smallest cup of joe! It’s really relaxing to see, actually.

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His creation is pretty awesome, but I don’t think that size coffee would wake me up in the morning. Share this mini caffeine fix with everyone you know who can’t live without their morning cup.

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