With Makeup, This British Drag Queen Can Transform Into Just About Anyone

You know how teachers and parents tell kids they can be anyone they want when they grow up? Well, this makeup artist took that sentiment and ran with it in a much more literal sense.

Ever since his impersonation of YouTuber NikkieTutorials went viral back in June, Manchester-based drag queen Elliot Joseph Rentz, or Alexis Stone, has been using the power of makeup to transform himself into any celebrity he sets his eyes on. All of his portrayals are so on point that they’re almost unbelievable. Check out a few of his most jaw-dropping transformations below.

Goldie Hawn


Johnny Depp


Leonardo DiCaprio

Jeffree Star

Charlize Theron

Take a look into his process as he turns himself into Ariana Grande.

(via BoredPanda)

To call Stone talented would be a severe understatement. You can find more of his amazing celebrity transformations on Facebook, Instagram and YouTube.

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