This Halloween, For A Mere $2,000, You Can Scare Your Neighbors For Life.

Innovation isn’t something companies tend to strive for when it comes to Halloween decorations. For the most part, Halloween decorations are the same as Christmas decorations, except with fake spider webs instead of tinsel.

That is, until now.

Say hello to “The Chair Screamer.”

Say hello to "The Chair Screamer."


This terrifying machine built by Poison Props is the ultimate Halloween decoration for your front porch. It’s guaranteed to give every trick-or-treater a heart attack.

This much terrifying power doesn’t come cheap. The Chair Screamer weighs in at just around 210 pounds and costs a whopping $2,240, plus shipping.

It might be worth it, though. Just think of the look on those kids’ faces. Here’s a video of it in action. Warning. It gets loud.

Via: Reddit

Oh man, this is awesome! I’ll have to start saving up for one of these for next year. Watch out, neighborhood kids! Muhahaha!

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