They Found The Cutest Critters In This Drain, But It Could Have Ended In Tragedy

Simon and his fellow animal rescuers from the Wildlife Aid Foundation received a call about strange noises coming from the bottom of a storm drain. As it turned out, a couple of super cute fox cubs somehow got stuck in the drain. Due to recent heavy rains, the cute cubs were all in grave danger of drowning.

A local women discovered the pair of babies after hearing their cries from the back of her garden. Knowing she couldn’t get them out on her own, the woman called Simon and his team, who rushed over and managed to save the cubs.

(source Wildlife Aid)

Sadly, there was no way to find out where exactly where the fox cubs came from, and thus no way of knowing where to release them. The only way to truly save these cuties was for Simon to bring them back to the rescue center and have them join its large group of orphan cubs. Thankfully, these two beautiful babies have now settled down in the orphan shed with the other foxes, where they’ll live out their lives in safety.

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