30 Adorably Dumb Dogs That Will Make You Laugh Way Too Hard

If you have a dog, I’m sure you’ve noticed by now how smart they can be.

But chances are, you’ve also witnessed some moments that make you reconsider their intelligence, too. Take the adorable pups below…you really have to wonder what they were thinking — or if they were thinking at all — when they got themselves into these hilarious situations.

Get ready to experience all of the glorious canine stupidity.At least they make it look cute, right?

1. I think your dog is defective.


2. No, buddy.You’re not.


3. “I can do this, okay?Stop being so negative!”


4. “It’s not a glove. It’s a muzzle warmer!”

5. This is so much better in slow motion.

6. “Shh, my show is on.”

"Shh, my show is on."

Reddit / danrey4

7. Just go around!

Just go around!

Imgur / chefryank

8. This is what happens when you try to fit through a sleeve.

This is what happens when you try to fit through a sleeve.

Reddit / WienersRFunnyLookin

9. “It won’t stop following me!”


10. “I just wanted to try your clothes on, Mom.”

11. “I did that on purpose, okay?”


12. Now they know where all those missing biscuits went.


13. “How do I go through this mystical portal?”


14. The humiliation is real.


15. “This is definitely going to fit.”


16. “I’m fine, nothing to see here.”

17. Moving forward might help.Just saying.


18. That’s gotta hurt.


19. At least he’s keeping himself entertained.


20. “But the cat fit just fine!”

21. The perfect spot.


22. “This will make me so much faster!”


23. “Come on, just throw it!”


24. “Helping hoomans get dressed is so much fun!”

"Helping hoomans get dressed is so much fun!"

Reddit / draggles

25. Well, the little one is actually pretty smart.

Well, the little one is actually pretty smart.

Reddit / Henrytimso

26. “How did I get here?”


27. “I require some assistance, please.”

28. “Trust me, I’ll fit.”

29. So close, yet so far.

30. “That hooman just came out of nowhere!”


(via BuzzFeed)

Poor little guys.Even though their intellect may be lacking, at least they’re good at making all of us laugh really hard.


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