21 Dogs That Really, Really Just Cannot Handle Doors

The old saying goes, “when one door closes, another door opens,” and while this may be true in most cases, someone forgot to mention it to these unfortunate pups.

While dogs may be man’s best friends and some of the smartest animals out there, one thing our doggy pals haven’t mastered is the concept of the almighty door. In the battle of dog versus door, let’s just say the results are equal parts disheartening and hilarious. If you thought you were having a pretty bad day, here are 21 dogs that just really, really cannot door.

1. He’s been burned by a door one too many times to not be THIS cautious.


2.“Excuse me human, there’s a door in the way… oh wait, nevermind.”

3.After watching his doggy brother hurt himself, this dog’s thinking, “step aside, let me show you how it’s done.”

4. This is why animals have trust issues.


5.Door or no door, a dog’s still gotta eat.

6.Doggy see, doggy won’t do.

7.This nugget’s determined to prove to his owners that a cat door isn’t just for cats anymore.

8.“Let me just break this door down with my head.”

9. Why take the easy way out?


10.What did that door ever do to you?

11. “Maybe if I wear him down, this door will give up and I can walk right through.”

12.After a few false starts, this little guy was finally able to make his way through.

13. It’s always the back legs that put up a fight.


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14.“But mom, what about my stick?”

15. This dog understands the basics but can’t seem to master it.

16. Doorophobia: an irrational fear of doors.



18. He would make a pretty good guard dog if he barked at everyone else like he does at the door.

19.If only he were that excited about learning to use a door.

20.There must be a “no dogs allowed” sign that nobody else knows about.

21. “Here let me help you!”


While these pups may not know how to use a door, you should share these doggy mishaps if they still hold the key to your heart.

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