Here Are 21 Hilariously Evil Ways To Drive A Person Crazy. #5 Would Do It For Me… OMG.

We all have a little prankster living inside of us. But how far would you go to prank your friends, family or coworkers? Are you more the type to play a simple little joke at their expense or are you someone who would engage in a month long con that slowly drives them a bit insane? These 21 ways of driving someone crazy all vary in difficulty, but they all have the same hilarious result if you keep it up for a while. [intra-ad-a]


Oh boy, people in the office better watch out, I finally found some uses for a penny. Probably the only real use a penny has. Share this list of 21 funny ways to drive your friends crazy below. But be careful, this list is the embodiment of evil and might give them ideas on how to prank you.

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