She Took Her Little Cousin Out And What These People Said About Her Is Disgusting

The recent announcement from President Trump regarding his acceptance of Jerusalem as the capital of Israel has angered many Palestinian-Americans.

As a result of the President’s announcement, a pro-Palestine protest was set up in Los Angeles, which was attended by hundreds of men and women with Israeli roots, including Rania Yasin and her 5-year-old cousin, Talia. Also in attendance at the protest were a group of Trump supporters waiting to verbally assault those leaving the protest.

While Yasin and her family were leaving the protest, they were bombarded with hateful aggression from a group of Trump supporters led by Johnny Turano. Yasin, her cousin, and a young teen were confronted by Turrano and his daughter as they told the Palestinian-Americans to get out of the country. The confrontation escalated when the belligerent aggressors referred to the young girl as a terrorist.

Angered by the verbal assault on her young cousin, Yasin counterattacked the verbal abuse while filming the altercation and shared the video on both Facebook and Twitter.

After asking the Internet to help identify the confrontational Trump supporters, Yasin discovered not only Turrano and his accomplices’ names, but also a video that the man’s own daughter had recorded of the event which documented what happened after Yasin stopped rolling.

I don’t know why, but it still amazes me that there are people out there like this in the world. With our country more divided than ever, it’s incidents like this that are driving the wedge between the left and the right. You know you’ve stooped pretty low if you’re insulting tiny children.

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