With A GoPro And His Trombone, This Guy Created The Most Amusing Video Of All Time

The invention of GoPro cameras has enabled us to capture perspectives on film we could previously only imagine.

For example, the view from the back of an eagle soaring over the Swiss Alps, what a dog sees when he’s sprinting towards the beach, or in this guy’s case, odd yet hilarious footage of what you could call a “trombone’s-eye view.” David Finlayson is a trombonist with the New York Philharmonic who enjoys making people laugh. He thought it’d be funny to attach a GoPro to his instrument and record himself playing. Spoiler alert: he was totally right.

Watch and just try not to giggle as Finlayson zooms in and out on his face as he plays the trombone.

As one commenter so graciously suggested, play it again at twice the speed. You’re welcome.

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