These Are The Creepy Instruments Behind The Horror Movie Sounds That Give You Chills

Have you ever wondered what exactly makes your favorite horror movie so frightening?

While the plot, characters, actors, and sometimes even jump scares are all important components that help to build suspense, what really keeps me on the edge of my seat are the music and sound effects that creep their way into my ears and give me an intense sense of unease. That said, I’ve never really put much thought into what kinds of instruments produce those freaky sounds — well, at least until I came across these slightly unsettling videos.

The instrument below is called a waterphone, and as you’ll see when you hit play, the bronze rods around the rim of its resonator bowl make it look almost as scary as it sounds.

They can be played in a variety of different ways to produce strange and ethereal sounds, all of which work to give the listener some serious goosebumps.

Another instrument called “The Apprehension Engine” was custom built by Tony Duggan-Smith for his friend to use in his own horror films. Like the waterphone, it’s very dynamic in terms of all the different methods that can be used on it to create unnerving sounds.

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I can’t be the only one who wants one of these for themselves. Be sure to share these cool instruments with the horror buffs in your life!

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