Would You Talk To Your Mom About Sex? She Did And The Results Were So Funny

If there’s one thing that makes me wish for the sweet release of death, it’s the thought of discussing sex with my parents.

I mean, just think about how embarrassing the “birds and bees” talk was with your mom and dad before you even really knew what sex was. Multiply that sense of existential dread by a billion and picture what it’d be like if you discussed the details of your escapades with mom over tea.

Well, this brave soul and her equally brave mother decided to sit down and go into full detail about their own sex lives. Oddly enough, the resulting chat was endearing as hell.

I’ll be out here in these streets saying “dilly-dos” until further notice.


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Even though that was deeply uncomfortable and truly weird, there’s something cute about mom and daughter leveling with each other like this. Share if you’d never do this in a million years! (Or if you would do it with no shame, in which case you’re a national treasure.)

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