He Thought There Was No Way They’d Win The Game, So He Took A Shot You Won’t Believe

There’s nothing sports fanatics love more than a comeback, and this is definitely one for the record books.

The Big Blue Ballers, a recreational basketball team from Missouri, were down three points with just a few seconds on the clock, when the team was in desperate need of a miracle to come from behind and win the game. After a team member hiked the ball to Andrew Clark, the high school athlete took it upon himself to try and be the hero for his entire team. Taking a one-in-a-million full court shot with one hand, the entire stadium remained silent as the ball flew toward the net in what felt like slow motion.

Sinking this nearly impossible shot not only made Clark and his teammates local heroes, but it also won them the game!


(via Daily Mail)

That’s definitely something you don’t see every day. Kudos to Clark and the rest of the Big Blue Ballers, and here’s hoping the team finishes off the already impressive season on a high note.

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