She Said She Was Going To Perform A Trick, But What She Did Will Have You Cackling

When people get married, they often say they found their true partner — someone to cry and laugh with forever.

Of course, some couples take laughing together to a whole new level. Mischievous grandma Marietta Spencer Tyks decided one day that she was going to prank her husband, Tommy Tyks, with a classic trick. She told him she was going to perform a magic trick and make a penny move from under a water bottle to right up inside of it.

She tells Tommy to move his face closer and closer to the water…and I bet you can guess what happens next.

I don’t know what’s more hilarious, her “magic trick” or their hysterical reactions afterward. I can’t stop laughing, and Tommy is such a good sport!

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I hope I find someone who makes me laugh that hard for years and years to come. These two are some serious relationship goals. Share this with your loved ones if it made you laugh!

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