This Artist Hides Little Images In His Creations. Can You Find Them?

In the world of visual communication, negative space can be utilized to create a much more interesting and compelling image than just the object it surrounds.

Israeli graphic designer, illustrator and artist Noma Bar has built his career around embracing negative space in his clever illustrations, which have appeared in publications including The New York Times, The Guardian, The Observer, The Economist and many more. His latest drawings are even gracing Coca Cola‘s holiday cans!While all of his creations appear to feature just one image at first, a closer look reveals there’s more than intially meets the eye.

Check out a few of his coolest designs below. Can you find all the hidden images?

It must take a lot of talent to balance positive and negative space so seamlessly. Be sure to check out more of Bar’s work on Facebook, Twitter and his website.

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