Watching Ducks Eat Peas Is The Therapy You Never Knew You Needed

One of my most treasured memories of my youth involved gathering all the stale bread remains and heading down to the nearest pond to feed the ducks.

But as it turns out ducks aren’t too fond of unnecessary carbs either, and would much rather be greeted with their daily servings of fresh or frozen veggies, and more specifically, peas.Up until this moment, I had no idea how therapeutic watching a duck eating peas could be, but let me be the first to tell you that these videos have instantly cured me of social anxiety, gotten me through my daddy issues, and washed away my sins.

Okay, all jokes aside, these videos of our pea-loving friends will have you laughing out loud.

It seems that when it comes time to eating peas, there’s really only one technique: the Woody Woodpecker.

This hungry fowl can’t even wait for Dad to bring him his dinner before going to town on those peas.

neoperks:PEAS 🦆 thank you so so much for…

neoperks:PEAS 🦆 thank you so so much for sharing this. this video is so important to me. i would sell my laptop, my house, and my sister for this duck. this video has enlightened me. i can continue living knowing such a being exists. thank you.

It’s like your watching a live-action game of “Hungry, Hungry Hippos,” only with ducks.

These ducklings love peas so much, they’ll even eat them in the bathtub.

Does anyone else have a craving for peas right now, or is it just me?


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